Our Story


IvyCollection23 was born in the summer of 2020. The IvyCollection brand was created based on a genuine love for fashion, children’s clothing and excitement needing to be fulfilled. The founder of IvyCollection23, Tierra Williams is a MBA graduate and a mother of two. After working for the State of Florida for over seven years, Tierra decided it was time to begin a new chapter in her life and left her State job as Real Estate Specialist, so she could fully immerse herself into the future of IvyCollection23, which was name after her daughter.

IvyCollection23 is committed to providing adorable children’s clothing & accessories as well as excellent customer service. IvyCollection23 truly understands the hard-work it takes to run a village and we aim to measure up to that specific love.
Thank you to all of the loyal and loving customers of IvyCollection23!